Ultra-Cal® Industrial Burners


The Ultra-Cal range is based upon a newly patented ‘labyrinth flame screen’ technology developed exclusively by Caledonian Control Technology Limited. Many burner configurations are possible and we have filed patent applications for cylindrical, rectangular and ring-shaped burners.

Additionally, we have developed several unique shapes to provide solutions to specialist requirements. We have identified many applications for the technology including:

  • Industrial heating
  • Drying
  • Ceramics firing
  • Metal processing
  • Baking
  • Grilling
  • Incinerating.

A specialist area, within which Caledonian has operated for many years, is that of ‘deep fat frying systems’ and particular attention has been paid to the type of frying equipment popular in the UK … namely the great British fish & chip frying range.

Tests recently carried out have shown that up to 98% total efficiency is achievable when testing to the British Standard for gas burning frying ranges. This performance is obtained with a burner that requires no special maintenance, requires no air filtration and has no ongoing consumable components.

The combustion results often reach 99.5% efficiency with the added bonus of zero carbon monoxide (CO) and nitric oxide (NOx). Unlike other 100% pre-mix burners, Ultra-Cal is uniquely capable of extremely High Velocity Combustion (HVC).

The Ultra-Cal Burner System technology is supported by dedicated accessories and components. Just like a new camera or car, the performance of all parts must interact and behave perfectly.

Our research & development program on this project started over 5 years ago, and in this time no expense has been spared in bringing this outstanding product to market. Every component has been tried and tested and where necessary, modified.

No single part of the system is compromised, and if a suitable part or component was not generally available, we have manufactured it specifically for purpose.



Every Ultra-Cal frying range burner system comprises of:

ED6 Burner Control
A brand new digital control certified to the most stringent world standard by BSI in January 2015 … click here for more information on this control.

Fan & Controller
A 100% British product, with industrial grade power supply and control designed by us

Gas Valves
These are a co-operative development between Caledonian and Brahma Spa. They are rated at Class ’A’ and are tested and certified for a minimum of 1 million operations and typical life expectancy is over 2,000,000 operations.

Gas / Mixer Stabiliser
Developed solely by Caledonian in our own R&D labs. It can be adjusted to compensate for any and all influences found on most frying ranges including extraction; temperature, rapid stop-starting; pulse firing and burner boosting.

Plasma Ignition
The Ultra-Cal does not use a pilot burner for ignition because the use of plasma ignition gives savings in running costs and improvements in temperature control. Caledonian is one of the few burner control manufacturers to actually produce their own spark ignition components ‘in-house’.

Our new plasma igniter actually produces a ‘flame-like’ spark that is far hotter than most pilot burners flames and gives a silent ignition every time. The ignition is faultless and totally reliable. In Europe, and particularly in Germany, the direct ignition of gas burners of many kilowatts has been standard practice, so UK users should not be concerned about this practice.

For additional safety, the new ED6 burner control provides a very short trial ignition period as an extra precaution. As it is now accepted to have multiple automatic resets upon the initial start, the ED6 has 5 resets, thus in effect giving a similar trial for ignition as the original EP6 control.

The Ultra-Cal Burner
No compromises have been made with this product and every component part has been thoroughly tested, and where necessary, replaced. The burner casing is manufactured from high quality cast iron, the tooling is dedicated and is manufactured in one the UK’s leading foundries.

Only high temperature steel, stainless steel and Kanthal® come into contact with the flame. There are no narrow gauge gas passages, which mean that particulates greater than 2mm can easily pass through the burner unhindered, which removes any need to filter the gas supply.

The burner has no consumable materials, other than the high quality spark and flame sense electrodes, which should be replaced annually, purely as a precaution. The burner life expectancy is more than 25 years.