About us

In 1978 we established ourselves in a small factory here in Attleborough Fields, Nuneaton. Our mission then, as now, was to design and produce high quality combustion related controls. Our first products were industrial flame failure controls and a range of spark generators for oil burners.

With the opening of the 1980’s, our activities were expanded by factoring various controls from European producers. Our interest in UK control production continued throughout that decade with expansion into our purpose built factory in 1982.

By 1990 we decided to concentrate our activities in manufacturing. Whilst we still have links with other UK and overseas controls manufacturers, it is almost exclusively on a reciprocal basis. We currently export to most of the European Community countries, as well as Scandinavia, Japan, Australia and North America.

Our company has always specialised in the design and construction of safety critical products. For this reason we fully understand the need for strict quality control at each stage of the product manufacturing cycle, from concept to design, development, tooling and finally manufacture.

We have been an ISO 9001 registered firm since 1991 allowing all aspects of the product cycle to be conducted ‘in house’ including software development, PCB artwork and tooling.

Our portfolio of control products include:

  • Automatic and Semi-automatic flame failure controls.
  • Modulating Motors and Valves.
  • Modulating Controllers and Detectors.
  • Pressure Switches and Sensors.
  • Gas Interlock & Proving with Safety Shut off Valves.
  • Pilot burners and Ignition Transformers.
  • Control Panels and Temperature Controllers.

In-house manufacturing:

  • Design and development with extensive use of CAD/CAM (Solid Works)
  • Rapid Prototyping (SLA)
  • Coil winding
  • Vacuum encapsulation.
  • PCB assembly with machine soldering.
  • CNC milling & spark erosion for mould & press tooling.
  • Injection moulding and pressing.