A brand new digital control certified to the most stringent world standard by BSI in January 2015 and which offers a seamless upgrade to the myriad of  existing EP6 controls in the field.

The ED6’s microprocessor technology offers the following features:

  • Manufactured to all the latest European standards, including the provision of two switching elements controlling the main gas valve.
  • Accurate and repeatable timings.
  • Control for single or two stage gas valve systems.
  • Option for controlling fan-assisted burners.
  • Option for multiple ignition attempts.
  • Choice of multiple ignition sources.
  • Option for flame restoration whereby the igniter is re-energised immediately if a running flame failure occurs in an attempt to re-establish it within a safety time.
  • Customisable combinations of sequence options and timings.
  • Choice of lockout reset, volatile, cleared only on supply interruption, or non-volatile, cleared only by manual intervention using a dedicated input.


  • Fully automatic flame failure control, approved to EN298, supplied 230V or 110V.
  • Over 60 different types available, with inbuilt spark ignition, one or two valve outputs.
  • Control of the combustion air fan with air pressure switch.
  • Flame sensing by ionisation probe, duel probe having separate spark ignition probe.
  • Single probe spark and detect versions and also a variant using the YC20 remote ignition, when the control is mounted more than a metre away from burner.
  • Available to be used with conventional ignition transformer.
  • A range of pre-purge times and safety times are available, depending on the application.


  • Semi-automatic types for industrial applications such as kilns and furnaces.
  • 230V or 110V flame sensing using ionisation probe or ultra violet cell type IDU20.
  • Conventional ignition transformer or capacitive spark type YC20 giving either spark only or single probe spark and detect feature.
  • Plug in construction using a metal wiring base complete with 20mm conduit knockouts.
  • Remote start feature as standard.
  • Types without safety time incorporated ES94YS and type with safety time EC94YS.

YC 25

  • This device is used in place of conventional ignition devices when the burner is required to be further away than 1 metre from the control when using EP6 for instance.
  • Can be used where a single probe spark and detector feature is required.
  • Can be used at distance between burner and control in conjunction with EC94YS and EP6.
  • Can be used with small burners for applications like flame treating plastic bottles, prior to labelling.
  • Can be used where EMC is a problem.