Product Focus: Enercal

The Enercal range and associated sensors offer true ‘Building Management System’ (BMS) heating control on a micro scale.  Designed for any premises which isn’t large enough for a full BMS implementation but offering many of the features associated with far more expensive solutions. For example, a Scandinavian HVAC company has purchased a number of these controls for installation in sports halls all over Norway as it offered the most cost effective and energy efficient solution compared to other BMS implementations. Caledonian’s extensive microprocessor expertise is fully leveraged in this control, making it the most cost effective BMS solution available.

Here’s some reasons why:

Optimum Start

The Enercal Space 10 has the ability to learn how long it takes to heat the area that it is installed in. This allows the control to efficiently start its heating earlier to compensate for colder days or start heating later for warmer days. Over the heating season this can give significant energy savings and improved comfort levels for occupants.

100 Year Calendar Clock

The benefit of having the 100 year calendar clock is that the customer does not have to alter any times or dates on their controller as it is all done automatically. No more changing the setup for European daylight saving or British summertime. As you might expect,even in leap years settings are automatically updated.

Battery Back Up

The Enercal Space 10 control utilizes a battery backup that will protect the control if there is any intermittent mains failure. This back up retains the selected options on the Space 10. The Space 10 will also work straight out of the box.

PT1000 Sensor

The Enercal Space 10 incorporates a PT1000 sensor. This sensor gives the one of the most accurate and linear temperature readings. This built-in accuracy optimises user comfort levels, improves energy efficiency and thereby reduces operating costs.

Plug in Design

The Enercal  Space 10 uses a ‘plug and socket design’, so in the rare event that the control might fail, all the maintainer has to do is simply plug another Space 10 into the existing socket.


The Enercal  Space 10 allows the user to select any of these five languages from the easy to use setup menu in order to operate the control:

  • English
  • Italian
  • French
  • Dutch
  • German

Click here for more information on the Enercal range.