Steinen Nozzles

Steinen manufactures oil burner nozzles, industrial nozzles and mining industry nozzles. Their nozzles have a worldwide reputation for quality, performance and reliability, clearly demonstrated by their unparalleled usage in a plethora of products.

OEM Steinen Nozzles

Caledonian are proud to be Steinen’s prime UK distributor of oil burner nozzles, but we also offer Steinen’s full nozzle range for all other applications.

Steinen’s worldwide reputation is a direct result of their 100% devotion to producing the best oil burner nozzle on the market. Today, virtually every major burner manufacturer relies on Steinen nozzles to achieve optimum burner performance.

Steinen’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility enables them to meet their customers’ most demanding applications. As one of the few nozzle manufacturers who fabricate all components in-house, Steinen has complete control over every aspect of a nozzle’s manufacture.

This ensures the consistent quality and reliability that makes Steinen the number one choice for most applications.

Every single Steinen nozzle is performance & quality tested for flow capacity, spray characteristics and spray angle before leaving manufacturing.

This assures all their customers of the quality, performance and consistency they have now come to expect.