Space Heating Controls

Space Heating Devices – as opposed to central heating – control the temperature of a single zone. The temperature is monitored using single-zone thermostat controls such as our ones below.

Enercal Space 10

Caledonian have manufactured the Enercal Space 10 for over 20 years and it has seen service across the globe in diverse applications such as indoor sports arenas and industrial complexes.

Features include:

  • One control for all single zone heating applications, cabinet heaters, unit heaters or Radiant tubes (eight maximum).
  • Microprocessor based, 100-year calendar clock with battery back up.
  • Optimum start, internal/external sensor (warm air or black bulb) with auto sensing and calibration.
  • Lockout lamp and reset button, no special sensor cable required.
  • Engineer’s menu/end users menu via numeric code entry system.
  • Very simple set up, supplied with a set of default settings for on/off times and temperature.
  • Multiple languages, plug in convenience.
  • New Hi/Lo version available

Warm Air Sensor (WA80)

  • Warm air heater utilizing PT1000 sensors for accuracy
  • Can be placed in area required to control temperature away from the Space 10

Infra-Red Sensor (IR80)

  • IR sensor to be installed when controlling radiant heaters
  • Can be placed in area required to control temperature away from the Space 10

Enercal Plus Bus

  • One control for up to eight zones of heating, warm air, radiant tube with true black bulb sensor, both can be combined.
  • Connection between control and sensor via a low voltage bus system, resulting in low cost installation.
  • Microprocessor board, two time zone clock with battery back up, all zone temperature and heating state (on/off) displayed on main control system.
  • No special cables required, no sensor calibration required.
  • Engineers menu via numerical access code, supplied with complete set of default values pre-installed, on/off times and temperature to assist in the commissioning of the control.
  • Plug in convenience, wiring bases allows for ease of cabling.

True Black Bulb Sensor (WA100)

Conventional air-sensing thermostats are ‘blind’ to surface temperatures of floors and objects, which means they will read the same air temperature regardless of surface temperatures. This will result in insufficient heating during cold weather and too much heat during warmer weather. In this situation both comfort and efficiency suffer. Our ‘Black Bulb’ sensor will only measure the radiant heat from the burner using the true ‘Black Bulb’ technique.

  • For use with radiant heat installations
  • Measures radiant heat only by correctly using the ‘black bulb’ technique
  • Plug in design

Warm Air Sensor (WA100)

  • For use with air warming heat installations
  • Up to 8 sensors can be installed per controller
  • Plug in design