Boiler Sequencer

Many facilities require more than one boiler to run for a number of reasons including energy efficiency, prolonged endurance, cost reduction – and this is done in a controlled manner with the use of boiler sequencer or boiler sequence control panel.


Microprocessor based boiler sequence control, can control up to 18 on/off, 9 hi/lo or modulating boilers using a unique master-slave bus-based system. It also uses standard low-cost cable and requires simple installation.

Features include:

  • A 100-year calendar clock.
  • Full optimum start facility, inside outside compensation.
  • 2-stage frost protection, primary pump control.
  • BMS connection provided and automatic lead boiler shift.
  • Interlocks provided for all safety interlocks.
  • External time clocks, remote holiday override.
  • 2 access menus one for Engineers one for End user (both require entry access codes)