The Cal-Chef 200

Caledonian has been producing electronic temperature controls for over 35 years. The Cal-Chef 200 represents the highest possible standard available today from any British supplier. 

The Cal-Chef is equipped with an OLED display which is highly visible and operates at higher ambient temperature than other controllers in its class.

A range of dedicated PT 1000 sensors (316 stainless steel) are manufactured by us to compliment this outstanding British instrument.

Cal-Chef 200

  • Accurate temperature control with algorithm programme 
  • OLED screen operational up to + 65°C
  • Options to Pulse Fire – ON/OFF or Modulate burners
  • CE compliant
  • Utilizes PT1000 sensors
  • Multiple control modes for optimal frying
  • Gives extended life to frying oils due to minimised overheating
  • Customisable parameters 
  • Optional features such as timers and alarms
  • Special info such as name and service date etc.
  • Bespoke labels available subject to minimum quantity
  • A range of 316 stainless steel probes available

316 Stainless Steel Temperature Probes

  • PT1000 sensor accuracy 10 times better than PT100.
  • A range of lengths and shapes available.
  • 316 stainless steel industry standard for catering applications.