GLT10 Gas Control

Gas leakage controls are required under BS6173 if any appliance is installed that is not fitted with a Flame Failure Device (FFD). This would normally only be applicable to small gas rings and hobs. It should be noted however that older grills, and even ovens, often have not been equipped with an FFD. In any event, a well designed gas leakage control system will test for external leaks not just the odd unprotected gas tap that may have been left turned on. Furthermore, should an unprotected small appliance be fitted at some time in the future, this will be a simple task if the GLT10 gas leakage system is already installed. The GLT10 is a modern state of the art Gas Leakage Control it has been designed and developed not only to meet all current standards but to exceed them.

The GLT10 operates in several modes including the ‘weep’ system required in EN6173 and described in the Institute of Gas Engineers Document IM20. A full range of certified accessories are available to use with the GLT10 such as gas pressure switches, charging valves and venting valves.


  • Certified by Advantica (BSI)
  • Conforms to BS6173:2009 and DW172.
  • 24 month manufacturer’s warranty.
  • CE marked & tested to comply with the low voltage directive & EMC emissions
  • Stand alone and systems integration models.
  • Protected to IP65 allowing normal catering hygiene operations