More memorial magic!

This year has certainly been an exceptional year for Memorial Flame installations … our image left shows a newly installed and spectacular memorial to Angola’s war dead which was unveiled by their president  last month. The flame is monitored by our well established UV4 technology that resists the extremes of blistering sunlight interspersed with torrential rain often encountered in equatorial Africa. Problematic site conditions, coupled with the understandably high specification demanded by the Angolan authorities meant that a lot of work had to be accomplished in narrow time frames  by both Caledonian and the main Portuguese contractors. We are pleased to say that the Memorial was completed and tested with time to spare and that the unveiling ceremony went without a hitch!

Over the years the well established Caledonian optical flame monitoring technology has been sold worldwide because of its solid dependability for such applications. In fact, special flames of tribute are no longer the once every 3 or 4 year event which used to be the norm. In the past couple of years we have designed and built many burner control and flame monitoring systems. These include a memorial to one of America’s most loved presidents and a memorial in London to remember fallen Police officers outside what is possibly the most famous police headquarters in the world. The need to heavily disguise the flame sensing and ignition of such flames is understandable, if the gas safety shut off valves were to be seen or heard a lot of the majesty and solemnity would be lost. It is normal with such projects to cope with subterranean installation conditions, in a recent installation the controls were effectively hidden underwater as the memorial flame appears to rise from a pool of water.

Caledonian have been manufacturing industrial quality burner control systems in the UK for more than 35 years. We produce thousands of controls every year for many applications including heating; commercial cooking; kilning; glass-working; incinerating; metal finishing and cement production.